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2016-10-31 Congratulations to Fu Yuanhua, chairman of the board was commended as outstanding entrepreneurs in Hangzhou

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On the recognition of the twelfth Hangzhou outstanding entrepreneurs decision


The district and county (city) by the letter Bureau (Development and Reform Economic Bureau), Enterprise Confederation, Entrepreneurs Association, the city-level trade associations, the enterprises:

    In order to further promote the entrepreneurial spirit and promote the healthy growth of entrepreneurial team in our city, to encourage the majority of entrepreneurs to promote Hangzhou to lead the new normal, create a new realm, to achieve new development to play a greater contribution to the City Commission by the letter , I will organize the twelfth Hangzhou outstanding entrepreneur selection activities. After the recommendation, preliminary examination, evaluation, publicity, validation and other links, Guo Weirong and other 27 people were elected as the "Twelfth Hangzhou outstanding entrepreneurs", is to be announced (list see annex).

    Adhere to the Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thinking of the "Three Represents" as the guide, thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, conscientiously implement the central "four comprehensive" strategic layout, in the face of complex domestic and foreign Economic situation, pioneering and innovative, forge ahead, and strive to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, innovation and development in the promotion of sustained and healthy development of China's economy has made important contributions to reflect and represent the spirit of today's entrepreneurs face.

    Hope to be recognized by the outstanding entrepreneurs to carry forward the results, make persistent efforts to strengthen the sense of mission and responsibility in the new situation, firmly grasp the comprehensive reform and the G20 summit, the historical opportunity to vigorously promote innovation and development, economic and social development for the city a new Success. Entrepreneurs to be recognized by the city's outstanding entrepreneurs to learn, vigorously carry forward the spirit of entrepreneurship for the city, "13 5" economic and social development and make new contributions.





Hangzhou Enterprise Confederation


October 31, 2016





Key Words: Outstanding Entrepreneur Selection Award Notification


Cc: Hangzhou City Committee by the letter to the letter


Hangzhou, "three" secretariat on October 31, 2016 issued






        The Twelfth Hangzhou Outstanding Entrepreneurs List

           names not listed in order)

Guo Weirong, general manager of Hangzhou Wahaha Beverage Co., Ltd

Tong Minqiang, Chairman of Hangzhou Mansion Co., Ltd

General Manager of Hangzhou Bearing Group Co., Ltd

Wang Jingtian Male Chairman of Zhejiang Property Finance Leasing Co., Ltd

Chairman of Hangzhou Tianfeng Power Supply Co., Ltd

Chairman of Hangzhou Green Wind Garden Construction Group Co., Ltd

Zhang Lu Hang, general manager of Zhejiang Hongcheng Computer System Co., Ltd.

Hu Jianping male Hangzhou Electric soul Network Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman

Chairman of the Board of Ge Hangnan Venture Software Co., Ltd

Shao Junan, Chairman of Zhejiang Zhongjian Network Technology Co., Ltd

Liu Jianguo male Hangzhou Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd. General Manager

Ni Xiaoming male Hangzhou three spent microchannel heat exchanger Co., Ltd. General Manager

Yan Minghai, general manager of Hangzhou Bao Wei Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Fangcong Yi female up to Group Co., Ltd. President

All - Tianbao male Hangzhou Hongshan Thermal Power Co., Ltd

Lin is the general manager of Dali (China) Co., Ltd

Chairman of Zhejiang Jiali Technology Co., Ltd

Chen Wei male general manager of Zhejiang Wanda Automobile Steering Gear Co., Ltd.

Ding Minhua, chairman of Hangzhou Juhua Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhou Junliang male president of Hangzhou Theo Elevator Co., Ltd.

Shen Fengxiang male South China gold environmental co., Ltd. President

Guo Ning Male general manager of Zhejiang Iron Current Clutch Co., Ltd

Shi Tingfu male Hangzhou Fuyuan Hua Cai Steel Co., Ltd. Chairman

Chen Chen Male Hangzhou Hang Shun Electric Co., Ltd. General Manager

Li Jinbao Male Tong Jun Tang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Chairman

Shen Ziheng Male Chairman of Hangzhou Aolida Elevator Co., Ltd

Yu Xiongwei male Zhejiang Huijin Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. Chairman

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