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Warmly congratulate Hangzhou Fuyuan Hua Cai Steel Co., Ltd. Chairman

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Shi Tingfu won the "Twelfth Hangzhou outstanding entrepreneurs" title

Hangzhou "three" 2017 Annual General Assembly on January 11, 2017 in the Fuchunjiang Group held a grand. At the meeting, the "Twelfth Hangzhou outstanding entrepreneurs" were commended. After the recommendation, preliminary examination, evaluation, publicity, validation and other sectors, the city's 27 people were honored, the company chairman Shi Tiefu won the "Twelfth Hangzhou outstanding entrepreneurs," the title.
At the meeting, Zhang Hongming mayor for the city of outstanding entrepreneurs award, to entrepreneurs encouraged, Zhang mayor at the meeting stressed that the real economy is the source of wealth, business is the mainstay of economic development and entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs are the most valuable resources. The vast number of enterprises and entrepreneurs to understand the situation, boost confidence and maintain the development of strength, promote the "spirit of artisans", and strive to have a greater contribution to steady growth in innovation has a greater breakthrough in the deepening of reform have a greater As in the expansion of opening up a larger pattern, in setting up a greater image of the play, in order to achieve a new starting point for Hangzhou to make greater contributions to the development.

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