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China 's steel trade again by the Thai trade relief investigation

Number of visits:92        Date:2020-08-28

Following the European and American markets, China's steel products in Southeast Asia also suffered attacks. Thai Ministry of Commerce Foreign Trade Office recently on imports from China's zinc-plated steel anti-dumping investigation initiated. In this regard, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce Trade Relief Bureau official said today that China's steel products did not damage the local related industries in Thailand, but for Thailand's economic development, especially infrastructure plays an important role, hoping Thailand to be prudent The use of trade remedies。


  The official pointed out that China has always been actively promoting bilateral trade through trade and cooperation to properly resolve trade friction. With regard to the survey, the Chinese government will support the Chinese steel enterprises to continue to communicate with the Thai industry and the investigating authorities to seek proper solutions. It is also hoped that the investigation agencies in Thailand will carry out investigations in a fair, just and transparent manner, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises, Trade remedy measures。


  In recent years, due to "along the way," along most countries along the infrastructure and housing construction began to rise, the rapid growth of steel demand, the mainland steel export market is undergoing subtle changes in North America and Europe's market position declining, and "along the way" Of the importance of Southeast Asia is rising. Data show that in 2015 China's steel exports to Southeast Asia 11 totaled 34.6 million tons, accounting for the same period the country's total steel exports 43%


  Southeast Asian steel exports to the rapid growth, accompanied by trade frictions are increasing. The past two years, Thailand has launched a number of steel products in China trade remedy investigations. According to the reporter incomplete statistics, only last year, Thailand in China made low-carbon wire rod, stainless steel tube, non-alloy steel hot-rolled flat products and other products launched an anti-dumping investigation。


  Some experts pointed out that the current more and more countries because of the slowdown in economic growth reasons, China's products to take trade protectionist measures. In response to this challenge, China should promote the rapid development of bilateral trade, the establishment of bilateral free trade area, free trade area can achieve zero tariff, which may be a way to fight against trade protectionism。
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