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The Classification of Colored Coated Boards with Color Coil

Number of visits:83        Date:2020-08-28

Color coated volumesThe plate combines the advantages of both organic polymer and steel plate, both good colorability of organic polymers, formability, corrosion resistance, decorative, but also the high strength steel plate and easy processing, can easily be red Cutting, bending, deep drawing, welding and other processing. This makes the organic coated steel plate products with excellent practicality, decorative, processing, durability. At present, the variety of Coil Coil is more than 600, but there is still not a unified classification method, because many varieties are difficult to find a distinction between the standards, while the manufacturers have their own unique equipment, technology, products various kinds. Are only classified according to general practice

1)The substrate is usually used for organic coated steel plate: cold rolled plate, hot galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet, alloy plate, galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet, tin plate, chrome plate, aluminum plate Wait。

2)By coating method, there are roller coating method, spraying method, powder method, laminating method, printing method and so on organic coating steel plate. According to the number of different coating, a coating of a baking, two coating two baking, three coating three baking, four coated four different drying process coating system of organic coated steel. Pressed flowers or printing processing points: can be subdivided into wood-based panels, marble patterns, Yang Wenwen, cement mortar, and other coated steel plate。

3)It is usually classified according to the type of paint used. It is usually classified according to the coating used to make the organic coating, such as PVC coated steel plate, polyester coated steel plate, acrylic coated steel plate, fluorocarbon coated steel plate and silicon polyester coated steel plate.。

4)According to the coating performance classification; according to the performance characteristics of organic coatings, high weather-resistant coating plate, high temperature coating plate, self-extinguishing coating plate, sterilization coating board, non-stick coating coating, fingerprint coating Plate and self-lubricating coating plate。

5)According to the special coating and use classification; such as the epoxy zinc-rich coating to cold-rolled steel plate as the substrate of the organic coating steel plate, surface flocking steel plate and a number of special machine coating laminated board, Boards, such as earthquake board. The above is the color coated volume knowledge of the introduction, I hope to help you
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