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    • standard: ASTM653, JISG3302,GB/T3830-2006
    • grade: DX51D,SGCC, SPCC, SGH
    • width: 600mm-1250mm
    • thickness: 0.18mm-1.2mm
    • Zinc layer thickness: 30gsm-100gsm
    • Paint thickness: top 15 um, back 8 um (normal paint thickness, may require other paint thickness)
    • Paint color: Any color
    • Zinc flowers: No zinc spangle, small zinc spangle, large zinc spangle

    l Color coated plate concept
    In the continuous unit on the cold-rolled strip steel, galvanized steel (galvanized and hot-dip galvanized) as the substrate, through the surface pretreatment (degreasing and chemical treatment), with roller coating method, coated with one or more liquid Coating, after baking and cooling the resulting sheet is coated steel. Domestic back (bottom) paint and surface (positive) lacquer coating, the general domestic is a layer of paint, topcoat two layers, foreign business topcoat backcoat are two. As the coating can have a variety of different colors, the customary to coated steel plate is calledColor coated steel sheet

    l Classification of color coated plates
    By use classification: building exterior JW, building with JN, furniture JJ, household appliances JD, steel window GC, other QT
    By coating surface state classification: coated plate TC, embossed plate YA, printing plate YI
    By coating categories: polyester PE, high-durability polyester HDP, PVDF PVDF, polyvinyl fluoride - plastic solution SJ
    According to the color coating process classification: the upper surface of the lower surface -, a coating is not coated 1/0, a coating a coating 1/1, the secondary coating is not coated 2/0, secondary coating a coating 2 / 1, secondary coating secondary coating 2/2 color coating is hot galvanized sheet, hot galvanized sheet, electro-galvanized sheet for the substrate, the surface pretreatment (chemical degreasing and chemical conversion treatment) The surface coating of one or several layers of organic paint, followed by curing baked products. Also coated with a variety of different colors of organic paint color steel coil hence the name, referred to as color coated volume

    l Color coated plate process
    Common two coating two drying continuous color coating unit process The main production processes are: open-book machine ------- sewing machine ------ pressure roller ------ up machine - - open booklet ----- alkali washing grease ---- washing ---- drying ------- passivation ------- drying ------ early Tu ------- early coating dry paint finish ------ ------ -------- -------- --------- --------- --------- --------- Sets ----- winding machine ----- (volume packing storage)

    l The type of substrate for the color coated plate
    Cold-rolled substrate color coated steel sheet
    The color plates produced from the cold rolled substrates have a smooth and beautiful appearance and have the processability of the cold rolled sheet; however, any minor scratching of the surface coating exposes the cold rolled substrate to the air, Generate red rust. Therefore, these products can only be used for less demanding temporary isolation measures and for indoor timber

    Hot dip galvanized steel sheet
    The organic coating is applied to the hot-dip galvanized steel sheet to obtain the product is hot-dip galvanized color coated plate. Hot dip galvanized coating in addition to the protective effect of zinc, the surface of the organic coating also played off the protection to prevent the role of rust, life longer than the hot galvanized sheet. Hot dip galvanized substrate zinc content is generally 180g / m2 (double), construction of hot dip galvanized substrate of the highest amount of galvanized 275g / m2

    Hot dip galvanized color coated plate
    On request, hot-dip galvanized steel sheet can also be used as color coated substrate(55%AI-Zn & 5%AI-Zn)。

    Galvanized color coated plate
    Electroplated galvanized sheet for the substrate, coated with organic coatings baked products for the electro-galvanized color coated plate, zinc-plated zinc plate as thin, usually zinc content of 20 / 20g / m2, so the product is not suitable for use In the outdoor production of walls, roofs and so on. But has a beautiful appearance and excellent processing performance, it can be used mainly for home appliances, audio, steel furniture, interior decoration and so on. The use of hot-dip galvanized steel strip as the substrate of the color coated steel strip in addition to zinc layer protection, the organic coating on the zinc layer from the cover and protect the role to prevent rust, longer life than the galvanized belt, about 1.5 times